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Language: English
Genre: Science & Education
Type: magazines
Periodicity: 1 pc/year
Annual subscription fee: 19,40 €
Country of origin: Great Britain
Publisher: Marketforce Future Publishing

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History is a fascinating topic, but one aspect that really fires the imagination is asking “What if things had gone differently?” So-called ‘alternative history’ has long speculated along these lines, with the Romans wondering if they could have defeated Alexander the Great as early as 27BCE, medieval writers wishing the Crusades had been more successful, and the Victorians terrifying themselves with Napoleon’s global conquest. In this revised edition of What if… The Book of Alternative History, experts consider what might have happened if key moments in time had gone differently, including the Nazis winning World War Two, Abraham Lincoln surviving his assassination, the Allies losing the Battle of the Atlantic, China discovering America first, and much more. Each one is complemented by astonishing artwork, photography and timelines so you can see the flashpoints where truth and fantasy diverge.

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